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Sep, 2014

Dana Point Gray Whale Watching from a Kayak

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California Gray Whales are amazing creatures. They spend their summers chowing down in Alaskan seas then travel to Baja California to party and have kids in the winter, then travel back to Alaska in the spring. Subsequently, a large number of them pass within kayaking distance of Dana Point Harbor in the late fall through late spring. The Gray Whale migration has three periods: southbound (late November to late January), early northbound (late January to early April), late northbound (mid April to late May). During the southbound and early northbound […]



Aug, 2014

Dana Point Blue Whale Watching from a Kayak

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Up to about the year 2000, a Blue Whale sighting at Dana Point was unprecedented or even unknown. these whales are thought to be the largest creatures that have ever lived on the planet. It’s to our benefit, the Blue Whales have now decided to make the Dana Point area one of their favorite summer destinations. During the 2012, 13, and 14 seasons, Blues have started passing by Dana Point in June, then settled in to feed in early July. They stay with us until about October. These whales are […]