As a Kawasaki Watercraft Dealership, our service center is equipped to handle all your service needs from tune-ups, oil changes, warranty (Kawasaki or Western Service Contract), engine rebuild/replacement, race modification, freestyle, and tow-in surf prep/setup. Specializing in 2 & 4 stroke motors we have something for every rider. Offering a wide array of OEM and aftermarket parts for all PWC's we carry only top quality products from R&D, UMI racing, Solas, Riva, Worx, JetWorks, 24-7, Tau Ceti, K&N and many more with install and custom fabrication available. We are an authorized HSA dealer offering a wide range of accessories, kits, rescue boards, and install all products for all makes of PWC. Our service/parts department is open year round to handle all service needs.

Most common problems:

Hard starting
  • lean fuel mixture
  • fouled spark plugs
  • low battery power

Low engine power
  • low compression
  • varnished fuel
  • fouled spark plugs
  • fuel delivery systems (carbureted/fuel injection)
  • ignition failure

Jet pump failure
  • worn pump bearing
  • damaged impeller
  • damaged vane guide
  • debris in pump (rope, seaweed, ect...)
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